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Lemon TouCake

TouCake gets its name from two elements: Tou is an acronym for Taste of Utopia and Tou means sweet in Japanese. Both of which describe this wonderful dessert—a sweet euphoric experience. 

It took many years for Janeczka Lee, an Atlanta native, to develop and perfect a decadent and flavorful dessert that appeals to the health conscious as well as those with a sweet tooth. Healthy desserts typically have a "cardboard" taste and texture but TouCake defies the stigma that an indulgent dessert can't be healthy.

TouCakes are currently only available in select locations throughout the Georgia area. In the next 10 years we’re aiming to be a global brand with TouCakes in several countries and cities in the world. You can help us! Call your local grocery store or health store today and ask for TouCakes!